Writing and stories dominate my earliest memories. Pre-pandemic, I wrote every day during my TTC commute using Wattpad while standing in the subway doors.

On the heels of my Tedx Talk, I began work on two fiction projects:

If you’d like to follow along, my writing website is live at emwilliams.ca.


Nightmares Fear Factory

This blog post, which I originally wrote and published on The Analytic Eye, was republished as a chapter in The Book of Business Awesome by Scott Stratten. I’ve also written about how that happened.

The Book of Business Awesome is available through booksellers everywhere.

My work on Medium

Medium is a non-fiction site making headway in the precarious world of digital publishing.

I spent some time experimenting with the platform when it first launched. You can read my assessment here. Since then, Medium’s begun experimenting with paywalls and subscriptions, but my posts are still viewable here.

Of all my pieces, “Want a Happy Marriage After Kids? Divide Your Household Chores Equally” is by far the most popular. It was named an Editor’s Pick in 2013.

I founded The Analytic Eye in 2010 to stay current with market trends while on parental leave. I regularly blogged about strategy, marketing trends, social media and pop culture until 2016.

The site is now on permanent hiatus.